2018 Workshops

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Saturday Nov. 17

Dionysian Anarchy and Bacchic Spartacism
An exploration of a non-linear current of devotion, revolt and ecstatic practice. An unveiling of the higher mysteries of the anarchist tradition. A tiger’s leap between the Spartacus revolt, a millenia of clandestine nocturnal rites, Emma Goldman’s Nietzschean fanaticism, the Ac├ęphale secret society, and the queer magical experiments of the past several decades.

Beyond Ramps: Accessibility & Ableism in Community & Civilization
Ableism, or the oppression of disabled people, is one of the oldest forms of oppression. It is also one of the first ways since the dawn of civilizations globally that created hierarchies of power, with disabled bodies being left to beg or die more often than cared for, especially if someone was born disabled. Despite work done to allow disabled people into spaces at all, survive, and have the medical and psychological treatment and dignity to live independent, it is not enough. Struggles for equity in treatment and getting access to healthcare, to not live in poverty or be unhoused, police violence, personal violence, etc continue to prevent disabled people from living let alone being able to make space in typical areas of life socially, politically, and physically.

IWW Campaigns Reportback
A reportback on several public facing Pacific Northwest IWW campaigns.


Sunday Nov. 18

A Deconstruction of Anti-Racist VS. Non-racist [main stream media imagery]
This film course covers; the white supremacist roots of tinsel town and the film industry that built global racist and fascist media platforms, a comparison of anti-racist VS non-racist main stream images, a best praxis of media ethics and the fundamental components of; film production. This filmmaking crash course provides practical production techniques in three parts; pre-production, production and post-production with a unique emphasis on anti-racist/anti-fascist storytelling broken down in three parts.

Speculative Fiction and Collective Liberation
Based on a recent public discussion that happened at Left Bank regarding the relation with creative writing (and in particular speculative fiction) and anarchism /// collective liberation /// radical “politics”, this workshop will take the form of an interactive and experimental discussion between a “panel” and the audience that would elucidate the ways that creative writing – including writing outsides the bounds of prose and poetry – allows for ruptures that challenge all the narratives written for us (including both reactionary and progressivist tendencies.)

Insurrectional Spiritual Anarchism
The anarchist tradition has always had an irrational, violent, and mystical fire burning at its heart. It is the Beautiful Idea, the black flame, the memory of our martyrs and ancestors. Our war against fascism and our other ancient enemies is already waged on all levels. We already use magic in our struggles, the only question is whether or not we see it for what it really is. When the veil of Enlightenment disenchantment is uncovered and we deliberately engage with fully animistic worlds, our attacks deepen in potency and spread farther through time and space. The subterranean mycelial network of spiritual anarchism gives rise to the fruiting bodies of insurrection. The secret is to really begin.