Table Application

To apply for a table (or two!) at the book fair, copy and paste the below bullet points into the body of an email. Once you’ve filled it out, email it to seattlebookfair at riseup dot net.

Deadline to apply is October 15th. We really want first time tablers to join, so if cost is of concern, get in touch with us!

  • Name of your project (*):
  • Web address of your project: [If provided, we will link to on our website.]
  • Name of contact person:
  • Email (*): [Provide an email address that you check often. If you don’t check your project’s email often, you can put your personal email here. We won’t publicize this!]
  • Phone number: [Phone number is optional! It just might help us reach you quickly if something comes up.]
  • Number of tables (*): [Full tables are $80 each. Half tables are $40. The cost includes two days of tabling.]
  • Briefly describe your project (*): [What kinds of materials will you be tabling?]
  • Request wall space: [y/n]
  • Other requests:

Fields marked with a (*) are required!